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Internet Services

Effective Online Business Marketing

When a business owner decides to take the business online it is very important to get a team of consultants that know both, technology and marketing. The technology team ensures that the website is run properly. The marketing team ensures that all the right keywords are being used and the latest trends in the online space are followed. Without both these skills a business owner is most likely to fail online. This is the main reason a lot of conventional businesses don’t do well online. The business owner tries to save money by choosing the cheapest providers. SEO search

These providers provide only small pieces of the entire business requirement. This is not known to the business owner. The need to go online exists for every business these days. What is required for this is a complete plan of what and how the business will go online and continue to operate there. It is a well known fact that most of the customer base these days is online.

People are on the internet all the time these days. It is very essential to make use of this fact. When a person is browsing on the phone, it is most important that your product is visible to him when he is browsing for something similar. Also the product should be relevant to the person. If someone is searching for men’s work boots, the ad should not be for women’s shoes. This is most important or the marketing budget is wasted. This is where experienced digital marketing professionals make the difference. They know exactly how to give one the needed exposure. 

Getting the right team of web experts 

  • A good web service provider will have a team of experienced consultants. 
  • The consultants will have all the necessary skills within the team, both in terms of technology like cloud hosting services as well as digital marketing professionals. 
  • These people need to work together to take your business online. 

The last point is the most important. The team that takes a person’s business online must have all the necessary skills and must also work together. The best web experts provide complete SEO search packages to help one sell better on the internet. This is because the digital marketing professional needs to know on an ongoing basis when the traffic to the website is the highest and when it is the lowest. They can then guide the technical team to use the bandwidths in a cost effective way. Similarly the technology team must also design the website so that it is available all of the time and does not go offline frequently. 

The Perks Of Having A Virtual Office

Starting a company is easy, expanding one by hiring new staff is not. You may have started your business on your own. Then you know the virtual comfort and ease of working from home. After a while, you have to give up that comfort and rent an office to accommodate new staff.

Traditional ways of doing business involved leasing offices, buying a lot of equipment and paying a lot of money for things your company could easily have done without. Nowadays, digital technology makes it possible to eliminate almost all of these costs. In fact, instead of having a physical office, now you can have a virtual office. Office supplies that cost a lot of money in the past, like file drawers, can now be replaced with low-cost tech like a VPS server in a virtual office.

If you are interested in having a virtual office for your own company, here are some benefits that you should be aware of:

No Rent

Obviously, the biggest perk of having a virtual office is that you don’t have to pay any rent. Even if you have to pay for the software you use, it’ll be only a fraction of rent. Physical offices have to be located at excellent spots, like at a busy urban centre. Commercial renting therefore can become unnecessarily expensive. You can save the money you waste on rent and spend it on something more useful by having a virtual office.

Save Time

Virtual offices also save a lot of time. Think about the time you and your employees waste being stuck in traffic during rush hour. You can save all that time being wasted travelling by having a virtual office.

Save Money with Cloud Tech

Virtual offices are largely reliant on digital tech to maintain. In a traditional office, you would have spent a lot of money storing files, buying equipment and licensing software. In a virtual office, you can easily buy a business package from a VPS host to handle your website, applications and some data. You can pay a single price for many features at a virtual office.

Attract Employees Based on Skill, Not Location

When you have a physical office, your recruitment pool will be limited to people who live or rent nearby and can travel to the office. This will limit your ability to hire the best candidates to candidates who live close by. With a virtual office, you can hire the right talent from anywhere in the world.

As you can see, the perks of having a virtual office are many. Therefore, think carefully about having one for your company as well.

Why Is It Important To Have A Mobile App For Your Business

Businesses are improving every day. There are new businesses opening up and more competition rising. It is important for businesses to find creative ways to retain their customers and increase revenue. Most businesses have mobile apps and many business owners have not yet fully understood the function or the use of a mobile app. Here are few reasons why you should get an app for your business.

You can get your customers to visit your store more often
This is one of the main reasons why most businesses get iPhone app developers to develop apps for their business. If you are an online based business, you need to have a platform where your customers can easily access information. This way, they will make the purchases more often. It has become an era of mobile phones and it would be a waste of resources if you do not make use of it to increase your business revenues. Most people are so addicted to their mobile phones that they would even use it to kill time. Once you develop the app, send reminders when there is a new product or discount in offer that would get them to visit the store and purchase items.

Can make more money by advertising
Even if you are not an online store, getting one of the ios developers Australia to develop an app for your business can still be a way of making more money. If you can get a substantial amount of people to visit your app, you can make more money by advertising in it. Most applications are generating income by advertising products or other services. You can provide a platform for other vendors to advertise on your app. This is a very popular and one of the easiest ways to increase your revenue. You can provide advertising space for other companies and businesses who are not your competitors.

Can reach out to many customers
Most people are using smart phones and thus, if you have an app then it is one of the easiest ways to reach out to more customers. It is a good marketing strategy to create awareness too. You can get them to sign up with their email or phone number and you can add that to your database. Most businesses are struggling to gather information like this for their marketing campaigns. Due to the third party data sharing law, it is very difficult to get these information by any other means. But if you have an app, you can gather the details and use them for promotions later on, you can send newsletters, promotion codes etc. to make sure they are in touch.

The Top 10 SEO Myths Of 2015

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a complex web marketing strategy that is constantly changing. Therefore, it can be hard to pinpoint the ‘best way’ to go about SEO. It’s also hard to know what to believe; there are many claims regarding SEO that are simply not true.

This article debunks 10 myths surrounding SEO in 2015.

1.    Link building is no longer viable. Google’s recent algorithm updates (Penguin updates) have made it much harder to build links. It’s no longer possible to buy links, or build large volumes of poor quality links to a website. Google notices – and there’s every chance your site will be penalised. However, this doesn’t mean that link building is dead. It simply means that you have to be smarter about it – links should only be placed on high quality, authoritative sites. Think quality over quantity.
2.    SEO is being replaced by content marketing. Content marketing is big right now, but it’s not replacing SEO per say. Rather, it’s a critical SEO strategy. The two work hand in hand.
3.    SEO is all about link building. On the flip side to the first myth, some believe that SEO relies on link building. While it’s true that links are a strong rankings factor, Google looks at more than 200 factors – so links are not the only thing that influences rankings.
4.    Social media signals directly assist your online marketing in Brisbane at cheapest rates. A strong social media presence can help boost page authority – however likes, follows and +1s do not directly assist your SERP rankings at this point in time.
5.    Press releases are no longer useful when it comes to SEO. Sure, keyword-stuffed press releases that are designed specifically for SEO purposes are no longer very useful. However, press releases still serve a purpose – their original purpose in fact. Your press release can tell potential clients and the media about your new product or service offering – and if you make the press release interesting, someone might share it. Once this happens, then it will start to help your SEO efforts.
6.    Anchor text should be optimised with keywords. Optimised anchor text used to work quite well – however over the past year Google has cracked down on it. Optimising anchor text is no longer an effective strategy, in fact over-optimisation can actually lead to your site being penalised.
7.    Guest blogging is bad. Guest blogging is actually an effective way to boost site authority – when it’s done properly. Google has cracked down on spammy guest blogs – that is, blog sites set up for blogs that have been created purely for SEO purposes. Blogs need to be created to build your brand image in the eyes of your target audience – only then will they meet the standards expected by Google.
8.    Mobile search and desktop search are the same. Google is starting to view these searches differently. In fact, it looks as though mobile-friendly websites are set to rank better for searches carried out from a mobile device.
9.    It’s good to use lots of internal content links. While this once worked well, it’s now about quality rather than quantity. Internal links are no longer a major rankings factor, so it’s best to only use links that aid user experience.
10.    Your website needs to rank on a national scale. In actual fact, local search results are some of the most lucrative. Google Maps listings (local search results) show up first when internet users enter a local search query, drawing in relevant, local traffic.

Is your agency on top of the latest SEO strategies? In a similar way to other top firms, WME Group reviews all practices regularly. It’s the only way to determine fact from fallacy. As a business, it’s important to choose an agency that understands current practices. Remember that some services are offered through an SEO reseller – and therefore it can be hard to now exactly how work is carried out. The important thing is to take your time and thoroughly research the agency you’re looking to go with. You want to ensure that your marketing dollars are working towards growing your brand – not being wasted thanks to an agency that believes marketing myths!